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Web Hosting: Basic Plan (Unix)........................$25.00/mo or $270.00/yr ($22.50/mo)

bulletPrices and other plans including:
bulletNT hosting
bulletE-commerce sites
bulletReal Audio, Real Video streams
bulletWeb site promotion tips


Front page extensions No charge
Online Statistics No charge
Additional MB of Storage Space $15 per 10MB
Initial Setup/Registration* $50.00
Secure Servers** $90/yr
E-Mail Accounts 30 Free - Additional email blocks of 5 $15.00/mo.
E-Mail ONLY accounts $20/mo (Includes 30 Email addresses)
CGI, java Programming/Debugging $110/hr
DNS Pointing $100/yr
Throughput First 5000MB/month free - $10.00/1000MB
Site File Transfer *only upon approval $25
Restore files from Backup $125 hour - 1/2 hour minimum
* InterNIC fees are additional ($35/yr)
** Certificate Authority (CA) fees are additional ($100/yr)


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