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PBow Enterprises is dedicated to providing computing solutions for the home and small business in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, CA..  We at PBow Enterprises want to provide homes and small businesses with a one stop solution for all computing, networking, web hosting and web design needs. We can provide solutions for:

bulletComputer system and parts purchases
bulletWe build computer systems to order.  A custom built computer system is one of the best investments that you can make in a computer system today.  There are a lot of computer manufacturers out there in today's marketplace, all competing for slim margins. Our bottom line is not the dollar.  We believe in building the strongest systems possible.  We refuse to cut corners. Other builders will substitute parts in places that are generally not seen by the end user.  Things such as the size of the power supply are not thought about much when one is contemplating a new system purchase, however it can affect overall system performance in subtle ways.  We use only high quality parts in our systems.
bulletSystem upgrades
bulletNetworking design and consulting
bulletSimple peer to peer
bulletSmall Business
bulletWeb Site Hosting
bulletSeveral plans to choose from
bulletSmall, low volume sites
bulletMedium size sites
bulletLight e-commerce
bulletWeb Site Design

We believe that quality installation, maintenance, service, support, upgrades and repair don't have to be expensive and can be done in a timely fashion. We have been building custom, made to order, computer systems for over ten years.  With the increase in computer purchases and use, more and more people are finding a need for networking.  Regardless of location, home or office, two or more computers can be linked together to form a network!  Networking adds to the computing experience in several ways.  Share files across systems, share printers, share modem or cable connections and back-up files easily.

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